Life is tastier after 5

The Coca-Cola Company want people to drink their Royal Bliss and Kinley products anytime, not just as a mixer. Therefore, we launched a campaign for Western Europe in which we want to trigger the moment in which we free ourselves from tensions and reconnect with our passions after our daily responsibilities.

A 20s video campaign for both brands, served us as a matrix to create the rest of the campaign content, always with our key message: “Life is tastier after 5.”

We created a series of posts to inspire you to disconnect from your daily routine and reboot connecting with your own passions.

It’s usual to see windows lighting up with busy workers inside in office environments late at night.
We turn those illuminated windows and other commonplace sceneries into genuine outdoor works that inspire people to unplug.

As an amplification with influencers, we contact them to promote our brand throughout their social media profiles.But the twist was that they would not appear in the images of their publications, but doubles of them.
After two days of conversation we revealed the truth on the social media profiles.

  • Creative Director: Pepe García
    Account Manager: Sara Chicote
    Account Supervisor: Maria Scola
    AD: Cristina Calabuig
    Sr. AD: Andrea Serrano Villaverde
    Sr. AD: Albert Bothelo
    CW: Stefanie Salguero
    Motion Designer: Claudia Jara