Alvaro Rodriguez-Solano

Alvaro Rodriguez-Solano 401 401 andreaserrano

Andrea ha demostrado una gran ilusión y pasión por su trabajo. Tiene un gran sentido del trabajo en equipo, es muy participativa,trabajadora y responsable con altas cualidades en diseño y creatividad. Buena actitud en todo momento. Estoy seguro de que le va a ir muy bien.

Jessica Lomason

Jessica Lomason 372 372 andreaserrano

Having Andrea in class was an absolute pleasure. Her authentic desire to learn and constantly improve was refreshing and admirable. She’s brave, smart and works incredibly hard. If you’re lucky enough to have Andrea on your team, keep empowering her and she’ll be unstoppable.

Gil Arevalo

Gil Arevalo 500 500 andreaserrano

Passionate, hard working, and insightful, Andrea was pleasure to have in the classroom. I expect to see great things from her in the near future as she graduates very soon. (recruiters, keep an eye out.)

Marina Beldi

Marina Beldi 384 384 andreaserrano

Working with Andrea is great, she is always looking to learn and do her best work. She is looking out for everyone in her team and her happiness and excitement contagious everyone around. I admire Andrea for her courage to come to New York to pursue the career she loves. She would bring a great contribution to any team she works with her worldwide repertory and skills.

Chris Holzfeind

Chris Holzfeind 500 500 andreaserrano

I had the absolute privilege of having Andrea in one of my classes at Miami Ad School. Her inquisitiveness to learn and understand is only matched by her raw talent as an Art Director. She can take direction and criticism well, and then use it to raise her work to the next level. I believe she is an artist first and an art director second – which is something this industry is in short supply of. She will be an asset wherever she lands and will always push the work and the people she works with to be better.