Good Morning Routine

Regular constipation sufferers usually become aware of their condition in the morning, and start feeling weighed down. They aspire to achieve everything they want.

Flush your way to a better day aims to help them understand their day and therefore their live can be filled with those amazing everyday things we all love to do. It paints the picture of what live can look like if constipation goes away and you can be all you want to be. Thus, it transforms your suffering into a good morning routine.

The campaign goes way beyond constipation and focuses on the relief that our characters get in the morning. Why look back at suffering, when there is a world of possibilities ahead. To connect with the viewer and make them feel identified, each of the protagonists breaks the fourth wall, showing with joy and honesty how they feel at every moment. Relief and confidence become contagious.

On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we’re sharing stories and posts that vibe with the whole “Good Morning Routine” vibe. We’re talking about how our product can totally turn your morning around, giving you the freedom to embrace each day with gusto.

Trough some MOA videos, you’ll see how our product works its magic, making mornings feel lighter and more energized.

Picture this: you’re strolling through the aisles, and bam! You spot our displays. It’s like a little reminder that relief from constipation is just a reach away. We’re all about making your shopping trip a little brighter and your mornings a lot better.

  • CD & CW: Viktoria Ali
    Bussines Director: Alvaro Cuneo
    Account Supervisor: Javier Mirones
    Sr. AD: Andrea Serrano Villaverde
    Motion Graphic: Craft