Untie your belly. Untie your life

Sanofi wanted a digital campaign for its NoSpa product so we dive in into it.

Menstrual cramps are a reality. Did you know that a whopping 80% of us experience those cramps at some point? yet almost a third never seek medical help and more than half look for a universal pain treatment because they believe it is gentler than NoSpa.

Unlike other options, NoSpa works with your body, not against it, providing gentle yet effective relief from abdominal discomfort.

Don’t let period pain hold you back – Untie your belly. Untie your life

We develop a digital campaign, meticulously crafted to showcase the unparalleled effectiveness of NoSpa in which we express the pain suffered through the belly knots.

To keep up with the vibe on social media, we added some eye-catching visuals that really got people interested.

Finally, we crafted some internet display banners that effectively boosted sales

  • CD: Álvaro Ramos
    Bussines Director: Alvaro Cuneo
    Account Supervisor: Maria Nuñez Mateo
    Sr. AD: Álvaro Junquera
    AD: Andrea Serrano Villaverde
    Sr. CW: Manuel Manceda
    Motion Graphic: Craft