Garnier trusted us once again to launch a new range of natural products called “Botanicals”.

We created a TV Spot that was repurposed into a European level and a digital media campaign using the hashtag #gamabotanica #nadaqueesconder

Social Media Content

Do you already know the new Botanical Range of #SkinActive? 🌿 It has 96% of natural origin ingredients such as Honey’s Flowers 🍯, Rose Water 🌷, Green Tea Leaves 🍃 and Aloe Sap 🌱. We trust that nature gives us her best, we have #NothingtoHide!

Starting the day without #NothingtoHide! 💚 Every morning, and more in summer with the heat, it’s important to do your skincare routine! The New #BotanicalRange of #SkinActive is the perfect combination for oily skin: cleansing, tonic and moisturizing gel! 👌 Have you tried it yet? Happy Monday!

What’s your routine before going bed on Sundays? 😴 Our new #BotanicalsRange with Rose Water is perfect for cleaning, toning and moisturizing sensitive skin after these sunny days! #NothingtoHide #SkinActive #activateyourskin #skin #beauty #goodnight

Stress and pollution can dry your skin a lot every day … 😕  #AloeVera refreshes and intensely recharges the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and fresh. 😊 Try the new #BotanicalsRange of #SkinActive and tell us what you think! #NothingtoHide.

The Botanicals Range of #SkinActive with Honey’s Flowers 🌼🐝 relieves, nourishes and repairs the driest skins. You can choose between the moisturizer and the new 3-in-1 balm. Which one do you prefer? #NothingtoHide

  • Creative Director: Álvaro Rodriguez-Solano
    Sr. AD: Urtzi Iñurrita Artola
    AD: Andrea Serrano Villaverde
    Sr. CW: Miriam Alonso