It’s Time for Light

Philips needs the challenge to win consumer hearts over, regaining its role as “the leader” in a crowded and complex category. We live under the same spotlight every day and we want to turn and elevate the lighting experience, giving it meaning: It’s time for light.

Philips Hue offers endless combinations to light up our homes and to prove it, we created a smart billboard that allows us to change the lighting.

A serie of social media assets showed the different colors and a variety of intensities of the product that adapts to each space and situation, elevating the experience of the things we do at home.

Finally, an activation with influencers to create content by playing with their costume change. And costumes will match  the hue lights.

  • CCO: Félix del Valle
    Account Supervisor: Javier Mirones
    Bussines Director: Alvaro Cuneo
    Sr. AD: Álvaro Junquera
    Sr. AD: Andrea Serrano Villaverde
    Sr. CW: Manuel Manceda
    CW: Stefanie Salguero Say
    Head of Design: Pablo Camarero
    Motion Graphic: Claudia Jara