To celebrate the launch of Schär’s new grain-free sliced bread, we crafted a complete 360º campaign that combined the power of TV and digital media. Our goal was simple: make everyone excited about this groundbreaking product. Picture it like a lively story unfolding on TV, where we highlighted the uniqueness of Schär’s latest creation. Our approach aimed to not only showcase the amazing qualities of the product but also to tell a compelling story that everyone could enjoy, no matter where they tuned in.

To kick off the buzz for Schär’s innovative grain-free sliced bread, our journey began with an enticing teaser on social media and then, we followed it with OOH ads on supermarkets.

At the same time, we took the excitement online, sharing interesting content to grab the attention of our digital audience.

To bring our captivating campaign full circle, we’ve share the TV spot directly on our social media accounts. This ensures that everyone, regardless of where they’ve been following the excitement, gets a front-row seat to witness the unveiling of Schär’s grain-free sliced bread in all its glory.

  • Account Supervisor: Andrea Melgar
    Account Manager: Fátima Valero
    Creative Director: Lucia Comba
    Sr. AD: Andrea Serrano Villaverde