Speaks for Itself

Opel wanted us to prepare the launch of its first plug-in hybrid model, the new Opel Astra. In our campaign, we’ll let the Astra do all the talking. No fancy words, no promises, no slogans. Just the car in all its glory and bold confidence, because it is clearly second to none.

Presenting the new Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid with its standout features: the Opel Vizor front and advanced Intelli-Lux Pixel LED headlights. How? Through a captivating digital mupi experience. By day, the whole car shines; by night, its front steals the show with striking headlights, creating an unmistakable silhouette.

We created a giant canvas that prominently featured the Opel Visor of the New Astra, drawing attention to this striking and innovative element. Following this line, the headlights illuminate at night, enhancing the spectacle even further. Additionally, each graphic and canvas features a QR code. When scanned, it triggers movement, recreating the spot.

To conclude, we developed a series of rich media: one featuring site scrolling, where the banner smoothly navigates through all the content of the page, showcasing the spot. Additionally, we crafted an interactive banner, granting the audience complete control. To explore its interior, users simply glide the cursor to the sides to unveil both exterior and interior views.

  • MRM
    Creative Director: LucĂ­a Comba
    Account Supervisor: Yoyes Peruyero
    Account Manager: Miriam Espiago
    Art Directors: Andrea Serrano Villaverde & German Mellado
    CW: Lucia Comba & Ines Garcia

    Velocity McCann Frankfurt
    Executive Creative Director: Donovan Bryan
    Creative Directors: Marion Bryan, Norman Henkel, Neil Meyer
    Art Directors: Giuliana Jelko, Jan-David Winter