Freelance Work

Here’s a rundown of some freelance gigs I’ve tackled for different brands, showcasing my adaptability and my ability to craft from logos to packaging to landing pages.

122 Burger Joint

Embark on a sizzling journey with me as I crafted the entire brand identity for a gourmet burger joint! Picture a logo nestled between two golden buns, echoing the 122 tantalizing varieties on their menu. But it didn’t stop there! From mouthwatering menus to eye-catching packaging and a digital storefront that beckons with every click, I ensured every aspect of their brand was as irresistible as their burgers.

La Nacional

At the request of the National Spanish Benevolent Society (La Nacional), we crafted an unforgettable parade for October 12 in New York City. We honored Spain’s literary giants by blending their iconic faces with their most famous phrases. Culminating it with flamenco dancers and a guitarist on the top of the parade.

Paradigm Trends

Paradigm Trends celebrates its 35th anniversary with an exclusive exhibition in New York City. We crafted their logo by blending the brand name and anniversary, drawing inspiration from the founder’s transformative trip through India. The result of the banner was a mix of images, giving predominance to the brand name and unifying the colors so that it blended with the environment.