Raise Your Bud

With the beer landscape in the US resembling a complex puzzle of choices and climate change threatening to triple your beloved beer’s price in just a few years, we rolled up our sleeves and came up with an ingenious solution brewing!
Our game-changing move? Embracing climate change, turning it into an opportunity to make beer cheaper. We introduced Budweiser-branded recycling machines in key cities, making recycling a gateway to affordable sips. The more cans and bottles hit those machines, the more your beer cost drops. Like magic, but with aluminum and glass!
But wait, there’s more! We launched a global beer price tracker site where enthusiasts can witness the price plunge in real-time. As if that’s not wild enough, we crafted an obstacle course showdown. Spill more, score big, and revel in the glory of reduced beer prices!

Produced at Miami Ad School